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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> it's the patient on how to manage their own health care. finances are in their control. doctor-patient relationship. >> give yourselves a hand. that is all the time we have eta goet now. have a great weekend. okay, don't worry, folks. if you like your apology, you can keep it. but apparently not everyone is convinced. >> if you like the plan you have -- you'll be able to keep your doctor -- you should be able to keep your health care. you can't do a thing. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> he's not apologizing for what he said, folks. >> small percentage of folks that may be disadvantaged, i am sorry that they, you know, are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> he's not apologizing to the nation, which was systematically and deliberately misled. >> he fundamentally misled the american people. >> so he goes out and now compounds the original lie with a fake apology. >> i think it's unsatisfactory
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entirely. >> it's refreshing that the president is acknowledging that this is a problem. >> also refreshing to hear the president say he's going to do everything he can to take care of this problem. >> we're going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position. >> options for solutions is something that's under discussion, but there is no specific option right now. >> we didn't do enough -- good enough job, and i regret that. >> do i wish things had operated totally smoothly on october 1st? you bet. >> we are now more than 30 days into one of the greatest website disasters in history. >> was october a bad month? you bet. >> i want to go in and fix it myself, but i don't write code. you know, kathleen sebelius doesn't write code. ultimately, the buck stops with me. >> nice to see you, carl. >> great to see you. >> it's pretty fair to say the president, the administration, is on the ropes, certainly on the website, and a good start is a good apology. a lot of republicans are
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unconvinced, as rush limbaugh isn't convinced. >> it wasn't a good apology. you do not apologize for a lie by telling another lie. >> which is what? what's the other lie? >> first of all, i meant what i said. oh, really? you meant what you said, if you can keep -- if you leak your plan, you can keep it? and we worked hard to try and make sure that we implemented it properly, but obviously, we didn't do enough -- a good enough job, and i regret that. the affordable care act was designed in a way that meant that people were going to lose their coverage. in december of 2009, the congressional budget office estimated between 7 million and 8 million people would lose their coverage in a public letter sent to the majority leader of the united states senate, harry reid. and should be march 2010, in a letter sent by the cbo to nancy pelosi, updating their estimate, they repeated that they thought that a minimum of 7 million to 8 million would lose their coverage. that was, again, a public letter. in april, the health and human
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services department said, no, no, no, it will be 14 million. there have been a whole series of report since then, no, no, the estimate was 17 million. from the american action network, 35 million. from the national center for policy analysis, 100 million. why? because the law is designed in a way that says if you have a policy that does not meet higher standards, more benefits, and these exacting requirements, it has to be cancelled. now, look, this is a part of the law. and the president knew it was a part of the law. we worked hard to try and -- try to make sure we implemented it properly. the law called for these plans to be outlawed and cancelled. and so, the president is sitting here now saying, well, i'm sorry it was an unintended consequence. was he so out of the loop that he didn't understand this was a consequence of requiring expanded benefits, guaranteed issue, a thing called community rating, a thing called medical loss -- was he out -- was he so out of it he didn't understand it? was he not reading the documents that his own staff was receiving
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from the cbo that were mimicked, incidentally, by his own omb? did he not understand when the actuary at hhs said, no, these estimates are way too low, it will be at least 14 million? he implemented it as it was required to be implemented. the other thing in this apology, he said, oh, it's just a tiny -- what did he say? >> 5%. that's 5% of 320 million people? >> no, no, it's 5% of policies. let's take a look, though. here are the numbers. 153 million people in america have employer-provided coverage through a group -- through a group plan. about 15 million policies are in the individual market. these cover all -- all of these cover multiple people. if you got coverage at work, it generally provides coverage for your family. so that's 168 million private insurance policies, roughly. now, 90 million of them are not subject to obama care. this may surprise you. a self-funded insurance plan, which is roughly 62% of the group market and growing -- that
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number is growing -- those people are not covered by obama care. so they're not subject to medical loss ratio, all of the things that drive up the cost of the premiums. that's why the obama administration is going to be worried about these people. but that leaves about 78 million people who are in a group plan that is subject to obama care, it's not a self-funded plan, or in the individual market. so 15 million people are going to lose their coverage, that's 20% of the people in the private insurance market who are -- those are 20% of the policies in the private insurance market that are subject to obama care. american action network economist said it will be roughly 35 million or 45% of the policies that are in the -- that are subject to obama care. so, look, this is a bunch of people who got coverage today who will lose their coverage, or have already lost their coverage because the design of the law makes policies that they now have, nonconforming, and, therefore, policies that have to be cancelled when they come up for renewal. >> i don't have much sympathy for the democrats who are complaining about members of the senate, who met secretly at the
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white house on wednesday, because, you know, no one bothered to look at -- and they thought people were critical of obama scacare, that you hated s people, or you hated people you didn't have insurance. it was never you thought that obama care wouldn't work in its execution, or unfair and unjust. >> right. >> it was never a consideration. you're just a bad person if you thought the program didn't work. >> yeah. in fact, you wanted americans to be sick. you wanted -- you didn't want people to have coverage. now remember, we had before obama care, according to the estimate, roughly about 45 million people in the united states who didn't have insurance coverage. now, this is supposed to be universal coverage, and it's supposed to cover everybody. but at the end of it, they admit there will be 30 million people who lack insurance coverage in the united states. so we're discombobulating between one out of every five people with a policy subject to obama care to close to one out of every two. at the end of the whole process, we'll have all of the people not covered. >> all right. here's what i understand, that both secretary sebelius and president obama said they'll
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look into options. they'll do whatever they can. very vague, nonspecific, but even if i'm trying to think, like, what could they possibly do, if people have lost insurance policies because they've been discontinued by insurance companies, there is no executive order, there's no law you can pass to tell the insurance companies, oh, go resurrect these policies and bring them back and give them to -- what in -- what possible executive order, what possibly could president obama do now to -- >> yeah, look, there's a tension between if you like your policy you can keep it, and the affordable care act. because if you like what you got, and it doesn't have the essential benefits provision -- that is to say, you're a single male, 30 years old, you need maternity coverage. you're a person of any age, you have to have mental health coverage, et cetera. if you don't have the provisions, which are driving up costs, then your policy's cancelled. if it isn't set up in such way that it's set for community rating, that's where younger workers pay a higher premium than they should in order to subsidize the coverage of older people, if you don't have the provisions in it, it has to be cancelled. so the only way that they're
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going to be able to allow people, if they like what they got to keep it, is to get rid of the four provisions -- medical loss ratio, community rating, guaranteed issue, and essential benefits -- that they say are critical to any new policy. >> all right. here's what the president said yesterday in an interview. he says, keep in mind that most of the folks who are going to get the cancellation letters, will be able to get better care at the same costs or cheaper because they'll have more choice. the problem with the choice, if you live in rural georgia, even if you get on the exchanges, there really aren't choices. that's the -- you know -- it's a fantasy. >> this is another untruth. it's another untruth. the whole principle behind the affordable care act is that we have upward pressure on prices in the health market, because we got too many choices. so we got to make everything look alike and we've got to slim up the number of providers that you can get -- you have access in these plans to fewer doctors, fewer providers. so he simply is not telling the truth when he says things like
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that. >> we've had health problems in my family this year, and more than -- and i have seen what people are gone through. we're lucky. we have the best health insurance. it's upsetting, because i want people to have access to the medicine. when you put a junk law that can't work in its execution, that's going to create greater upheaval, that you actually do more harm -- you do more harm, because now what are we going to do? >> now, here's the problem for the administration. what they're saying is in direct conflict with what people are feeling in their lives? i suspect you're like me. every day, today, one of my interns came to me, and said my family has had their policy cancelled. father has health issue, the policy is cancelled, and they're worried about -- they've got a plan, a new plan they can replace it with a policy, 30% more in premiums, but they're also concerned, will they have access to the same set of doctors and the same network of providers -- >> we had a doctor on the other night who was an emblem network, and 950 patients got -- he got removed from emblem, so 950
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patients had to find another doctor. we did the segment, and all of a sudden, emblem called the next day, we'll put you back on the network, so they got their doctors back, but all of the people were going to lose the cardiologist, and they were not medicare patients, no place to go. >> this is why the administration is in deep doo-doo as we say. they're arguing against -- >> we're more graphic where i grew up, but go ahead. >> yeah, i was quoting george h.w. bush. they're arguing where the reality people are feeling in the lives. i don't know if the president is disconnected from this, he doesn't understand the law, or is telling another untruth. >> just say untruth, i think that -- >> i think he knows the things aren't true. >> carl, nice to see you. >> great to see you, greta. you know about the individual exchange, and you know it has big problems, and now president obama admits that. but there's another exchange, one giving american people a bigger headache, a small business owner is here to tell but that next. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card.
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here's something you probably have never heard before -- did you know there is an exchange with more technical problems than the individual insurance exchange? it is the small business exchange, and it's supposed to help employers get coverage for their workers, but a virginia business owner says all he gets is -- david glaser joins us. and nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> what is your small business? >> fleet transportation in alexandria, virginia. we provide luxury car service,
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shuttle service. >> how many employees do you have? >> about 35 full and part-time. >> which means you don't hit the 50-person threshold. ? correct. >> if you have insurance for your employees, it's your generosity, working with your employees, correct? correct. >> correct. we feel it's a moral responsibility to take care of the employees, to attract and retain them. >> have you gone on the exchange? tell me your experience. >> yes. i've gone on the exchange several times. i've created about ten user names. every time i go back to the exchange, it says that i had -- the user name doesn't exist. i ask it to send my user name and password. it doesn't send it. it's been quite frustrating. >> and when did you start going on it? >> about a month and a half ago. >> do you have -- have you now at least gotten to the point where you have a user name and password that works and have you gotten any information? >> no. >> not at all? >> i've gotten information, because you can go in there and actually -- it brings up a spreadsheet and you can filter down through city and through
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county, and once you get filtered down through there, you can look at that, and it brings up a certain number, a list, gold, platinum, bronze -- >> so are you -- so you're not able to pick a policy, at least in your mind? >> in my mind, i'm not able to functionally pick a policy through that, plus working through a broker, and the broker can't access information. i just found out he might be able to get through united healthcare in the next couple of days, but it's been put off since october 1, to november 1, to november 15th. so i can't work through that angle, either. >> i suspect with the two small business, you'd like some level of prediction to be able to know not just what the insurance is now but what it would likely to be. do you have any sense that obama care is giving you that (unintelligible) so you can build your business, to make the hiring decisions? >> absolutely not. there's no way i can make decisions based on what i'm going to do, because i don't have any idea or baseline to see what the insurance will cost. >> and so, what about hiring? >> we've decided with new hiring, we're looking at keeping the employees that we have right
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now in a full-time position or keeping their hours, but on new hires, we're looking to decide whether we hire two employees versus one employee to replace the full-time -- >> so what's your opinion of obama care? >> not happy with it. >> just not happy? >> well, i think there's some benefits to obama care, and such as the pre-existing conditions and some of this other -- other things that are going on. but, you know, it's creating uncertainty, it's very uncomfortable situation for employers and employee, because employees don't understand what's going on, and employers don't understand. i've spent nearly two months of my life, where i should be running my business -- you know, researching and finding information, and i'm spending it on this. >> david, thank you. good luck, sir. >> thank you. >> what do people who lost their insurance plans think of his apology?
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you'll love this one. imagine being banned from twitter. that's what happened to a pennsylvania woman. a five-year twitter ban is part of her sentence for a stalking conviction. prosecutors say the woman used harassing tweets about people involved in the child custody case. they say she mean tweeted a judge, lawyer, and social worker. one tweet reading, somebody should pay these people a visit, bust out windows and cut tires. the woman pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges. the judge sentencing her to 11 to 23 month the in jail, along with the five-year twitter ban. you be the judge. we're not talking about the jail time, but just talking about the twitter ban. is the judge out of his mind for banning this woman from twitter? or right on the mark? go and vote in our poll. coming up, do americans accept the president's apology. "on the record" investigates
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thousands of americans losing their insurance plans and last night president obama saying he is sorry that they're finding themselves in the situation based on assurances they got from him. so what do the american people say? griff jenkins hit the streets to find out. >> reporter: the president apologized last night because some americans losing their health care insurance. what did you make of the apology? >> i think he just said it. i don't think it came from his heart. >> i think really what happened was a bad communication. without a doubt, i think he should have been clearer on his message. >> i accept it. i accept the apology. i think it was sincere. >> issuing an apology is pretty interesting, because why would he be issuing an apology for that, unless he's concerned that he maybe didn't make right decisions? >> issuing an apology, do you accept the apology? [ laughter ]
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>> you know, the president of the united states doesn't have to apologize to me. >> i doubt he was intentionally misleading people. >> reporter: so you forgive him. >> i forgive him, absolutely. >> allison strickland's plan is being cancelled, so what does she think of the president's policy -- apology? she joins us. allison, nice to see you. do you accept the apology? >> i appreciate his apology, but it still doesn't help our situation right now. >> what is your situation? what happened with your family? >> well, with our family, our premiums increased from $440 a month to $920 a month, but that was a $480 increase. >> so did your -- you got a cancellation notice, i take it, right? >> we did. >> all right. so then, you went on the website? >> yes, well, we've been discussing with blue cross and blue shield about our options of what those options were. and so, there was nothing that
11:24 pm
is comparative that's even -- that would cost any lower than what we have. >> so it's a comparable -- it's about double, is that what you're saying, comparable to the one you had, the one that was cancelled? >> that's correct. it's comparable, but it just is over double what we were paying. >> is it something you and your family can pay? >> no, it's not. >> so what are you going to do? >> well, we're not really sure right now what we're going to do. this economic situation in our family's finances have been extremely tight over the past year, and insurance just wasn't something i thought i would be able -- i would be concerned with, but now it's definitely become an issue to our family and we're looking at different options. but frankly, we don't have very many options. >> a year ago, if you and i were talking about obama care, and before it's october 1 -- its october 1st launch, what were your thoughts then. >> october 1st, i think i probably would have said we received a slight increase, but nothing could have prepared me
11:25 pm
for the double increase. >> and your friends. what are your friends saying about it? are any of them having good experiences? >> no, they really aren't. i have another friend who is in a very similar situation, and another one who is actually even worse than we are, that's been affected. >> who do you blame for this, or why is this happening to you? >> i'm sorry? >> who do you blame or why is this happening to your family? >> well, i think the blame would have to be with the government for passing the policy, for passing the bill. we had -- >> where do you see it going? what do you think is going to happen? >> i'm not really sure what's going to happen. what i hope happen is there is a compromise where we could be able to keep the insurance that we had and that we preferred, at the same rate that we had it. >> allison, thank you. and good luck to you and your family, allison. >> okay, i appreciate it. thank you very much. coming up, exactly what the
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president did not need. in fact, you don't need it either. brand-new problems for the federal health care website. the latest is next. of course, hash it out with us. do you think there is any hope of the website being fixed by the obama administration's self-imposed deadline of november 30th?
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now get ready to speed read your way through the news. first to the monster typhoon, the strongest storm ever recorded. right now, the giant storm is barrelling toward vietnam, and it's expected and even feared to get stronger. earlier today, the typhoon slamming into the philippine, killing at least four people. the typhoon also forcing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes and knocking out power. sustained winds reaching 155 miles an hour, but gusts as high as 235 miles per hour. and now to utah, the case of dr. martin macneill in the hands of the jury. he is accused of murdering his wife. prosecutors say he drugged her
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and drowned her in the bathtub, but the defense says michele macneill died of heart disease, and his former misstress, gypsy. a woman killed in a washington navy yard shoot something seeking $35 million. the family claiming the navy and the department of veterans affairs ignored signs of mental health. aaron alexis viciously gunned down 12 people at the navy yard. he was then killed in a shoot-out with the police. and new york city tonight. a test for the freedom tower, the former world trade center site, new beacon lights and the building spire are being tested. construction on the freedom tower is set to be completed in 2014, and it will stand at 1,776 -- 1776 -- feet tall. and now the ongoing drama in toronto. the latest, mayor rob ford is considering entering rehab. his lawyer says ford is considering his options and treatment is one of them.
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earlier this week, the mayor admitted to smoking crack cocaine, and a video surfaced showing the mayor in a drunken rant. of course, more bad news today for the mayor. his radio show was taken off the air. by the way, this story seems to be giving obama care some relief from the late-night comedians. here's jimmy kimmel. >> the mayor did not return for comment today, but his spokesperson made a statement, and this one was good, >> the mayor understands the shock of this new video. however, there is a simple explanation for the mayor's behavior. he was on crack. and the only reason he smoked crack is because he was drunk. the mayor didn't intend to get that drunk. however, he was on some queludes, and that was to take the edge off because of all of the glue he had been sniffing because he ran out of meth. could he gotten in his car baked out of his skull and driven across town to the meth dealer to avoid from having to huff all
11:32 pm
of the glue? yes. but by not getting in that car, mayor ford may well have saved the toronto pedestrian's life. does that make him a hero? i leave that up to the people of toronto to decide. and now, if you'll excuse me, i have a batch of hash brownies in the oven. >> and that is tonight's speed read. and, yet there's more. it hardly seems impossible. there's more bad news for the problem-plagued website. today, the advisor saying the site is improving, but higher volumes of visitors are exposing new capacity and software iss s issues. andy is the ceo of hov software. good evening, andy. >> good evening. >> okay, so tell me, what does it mean, higher volumes of visitors are exposing new capacity and software issues? that doesn't sound particularly good. what does that really mean? >> basically what it means is they're having bandwidth issues based on the shear number of people visiting the website, which is really a big surprise
11:33 pm
to me. >> why is that a surprise? i mean, at least -- i mean, of course, the government predicted there'll be millions, everyone will go flocking to this website. they expected actually, you know, i think more than we're getting, so you would have thought the bandwidth -- that's the one thing they would have been ready for. >> that is correct. every scenario we've dealt with the government in launching public-facing website, historically we do something called load testing where we create a mock environment or staging environment where we can test exactly how many millions of people we can support before essentially breaking the website. the fact that hasn't been taken into consideration is just unfathomable for our organization. >> so any chance in your mind -- i realize that you're not writing the code or doing the fix or anything, but any thought that they're going to meet their self-imposed november 30th deadline? >> you know, my concern is typically when there is a bandwidth issue, these problems can be solved with either actual hardware or virtual hardware to
11:34 pm
support large volume. because this problem hasn't been solved yet, it leads me to believe this is deeper into the cold. that being the case, i can't even imagine how any release could go without even a minimum of 45 days' testing. i mean, at a minimum. the november 30th deadline, you know, i'm a little concerned with just for that sheer simple fact. >> it's interesting they came out and told us today. it's like they're trying to soften the blow a little bit? >> it does seem like that, without a doubt they're talking about ongoing complications, again having to deal with bandwidth, and now kind of lightly touching on that there's code issues. clearly, you know, there's bandwidth issues and code issues. again, we still can't fathom how it got this far without everyone having a firm understanding of what the repercussions could possibly be. >> am i right to think that band -- that code is sort of a complicated issue, but bandwidth, being ready for it,
11:35 pm
is a no-brainer, and even someone who isn't a computer whiz should have figured that one out in advance? >> well, you know, we've been in situations in the past where if we felt there was an issue, at the very, very least with band width, you could support a simple application, or simple information. the fact that, you know, they couldn't support 20 million people, or however many million people are coming to the website, that is a concern that it wasn't addressed to at least mitigate or prevent headline risks for the government by handling the, you know, public-facing portal side. >> andy, thank you. >> thank you. okay, viewers, it's quiz time. how many people do you think have officially enrolled on washington, d.c.'s,'s obama care exchange? okay, got your number? we have the answer. okay. the drum roll. how many people in d.c. have enrolled in the exchange? >> five people.
11:36 pm
five people have officially enrolled, which means they have paid their first premium and their information has been transferred from the exchange to the insurance company. >> that isn't even one a week. we're on november 8th. >> that's right. >> how do we know this information? who's releasing this? >> it was two republican senators, leading lawmaker, senator orrin hatch, and charles grassley from iowa, who sent letters to the insurance companies offering policies on d.c.'s exchange, and they said, how many people have you got so far? tell us, because the administration isn't going to publish the numbers until next week. and what they found out is that there were three enrolled in blue cross blue shield. two enrolled in kaiser. and the other two, no one. >> do we know if they got subsidies or -- >> we don't know yet. >> the reason i ask if subsidy, because we've done a little math. when you take into consideration the cost of this d.c. exchange and the five people that each enrollee cost the taxpayers
11:37 pm
$26.7 million apiece. and i'm thinking to myself, would a taxpayer in d.c. rather have a subsidy as insurance or $26.7 million each? >> i mean, i know which one i would take for sure, it would give you enough health care to last a lifetime. but it's stunning. these exchanges are really getting off to a rocky start. of course, with the city of washington, what they'd say, they expect a wave of people to enroll closer to the enrollment deadlines, and we see that am g among, you know, regular health -- >> ten people in the last week, ten people will be signing up? >> it's possible. the interesting then about this, it's not linked to the trouble website,, it's independent of the problem. >> this is money that came from d.c. to set up their own? >> that's right. millions of dollars spent on groups that are supposed to help people in d.c. enroll. now, the real reason that this is disappointing is that d.c. has more than 100,000 uninsured people. so if the law so far isn't extending coverage to those people, it's not working.
11:38 pm
now, again, there are six months of an enrollment period, so we'll see but -- >> as i understand, this isn't a complaint about the d.c. exchange. it's not like website not working. apparently, this is a website that's working that only got five people? >> that's right. and so, this raises questions about why people aren't signing up. i'm sure people either don't know about it, because polls show the american people don't understand the health care law very well, or they haven't been exposed to advertising that would then lead them to eventually go. we know the administration and groups affiliated with are sitting on money they would otherwise be using to promote the health care law because the exchanges have rolled out so poorly. >> elise, always nice to see you. have a nice weekend. >> thanks. straight ahead, is the irs letting people steal from you? and is it time t
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the irs does it again. sometimes you might wonder if they care. the irs issuing $4 billion in fraudulent tax refunds, and that, of course, just one year. josh hicks is here with the story. nice to see you, josh. >> good to be here. >> what's the story of the irs paying the fraudulent tax returns? >> well, this has actually been a hot topic for a while now, for a couple of years. there are probably a half dozen, maybe more congressional hearings a couple of years ago about this. the irs is well aware of this problem. they're taking steps to address it. they consider it a very serious problem. but, yeah, this latest report, it's important to keep in mind it looks at 2011 numbers, so these are -- we're taking a historical look here, and $4 billion worth of fraudulent tax refunds given out, in some cases to countries, you know -- there were, i think, 600 refunds that went out to an address in lithuania, and some that went to bulgaria, china.
11:46 pm
>> and 490,000 addressed to bulgaria address, list ed on ta returns. doesn't anyone see that or catch that? >> i think nowadays a lot of it is automated. there's not a person that says, yes, this is okay, there are 400 refunds going out to somebody in bulgaria. >> to the same address, though. >> yes. >> we can't program a computer to catch that? >> that's what they're working out. that's what the inspector general recommended they do, is kind of tighten up the controls and work on the felters a little bit that are supposed to catch these things before they happen. >> but this is -- you say it's one year. so i know that the irs is trying to spin this, it wasn't that, it was the year before, this year it's only $4 billion fraudulent returns? >> yeah. and they -- i talked to them today. the official said today that the numbers are even better. they say they stopped $20 billion in potential fraudulent returns in 2012. so they say the numbers are getting drastically better every year since this became a hot
11:47 pm
topic a couple of years ago and had the congressional hearings. they're getting a handle on it, but it's a constantly evolving process to work on the filters to make them more sophisticated. i think they had, they said, maybe 10 after the congressional hearings and now 80 filters they've developed. >> but even in spite of that, we're talking about billions. we hear that number so much in d.c., billions coming out of washington, oh, well, it's just billions, as though -- millions are nothing he anymore. >> i hear people about a drop in the bucket, if i had a dime every time someone said that, in terms of what the government spends, i'd be a wealthy person. this is the kind of thing, it's an outrage to taxpayers that the government paid out, you know, $4 billion to identity thieves. >> yeah, yeah, 700 tax returns to one address in bulgaria. if that wasn't a tip, i don't know what was. thank you. >> thanks for having me. let's go "off the record" for just a second. is it time to bulldoze the irs, scrap the code, clean house, and start all over? yes, of course we need to
11:48 pm
collect revenue, but have we reached the stupid point, the point where we won't admit the obvious, it doesn't work. and yet we try to fix it, just like the money pit car you may have owned. no matter how much you spend to fix the car, it doesn't work. i mean, face it. that's where we are. that's the irs. unfair, inefficient, incompetent, full of special deals for special people, and in some instance, criminal activity. how many more red flags to the american people and politicians need? irs employees illegally target people. they don't politically agree with. while other irs employees look the other way. $4 billion, billion, fraudulent claims paid in 2011, an that's just 2011. who knows what it was in 2010, 2009, or even in 2012, 2013. you know, it's all awful. and adding to it, why in the world would president obama put the irs with its track record of horror in charge of enforcing obama care? do you really think that's going
11:49 pm
to work? if you do, would with the irs history and track record, you may be insane. let me make plain. i am not suggesting we have no irs. we need to collect money to run our government. and i'm not pushing any particular tax theme, progressive, value-added income, et cetera, whatever itself i'm merely pointing out the obvious. what our politicians won't face. the irs as is can't be fixed. time's up. we need to start over from scratch. get out the bulldozer, full speed ahead, an that's my "off the record" comment tonight. if you have an important story, issue, i should take "off the record." go to and tell bus it. a man getting so upset with calls it a nightmare. and watch "handty" tonight. he will host a doctor's summit tonight at
11:50 pm
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now it's time to show you what we are watching. we put together the most fantastic videos out there tonight. take a look. first bold robberies caught on camera. surveillance video showing flash mob robberies targeting sports authority stores near chicago. groups of men walking into the stores and running out with racks of clothing. police hoping the video will lead to the suspects. and the buck stops here. right in the middle of a canadian than's driveway. the two dear fightier fighting going antler to antler. the two bucks were duking it out over a doe, a deer, a female deer. a sound of muse iie iic joke. not my idea. meet george the talking cat saying hello to his owner. >> george, can you say hello? [ meow ] >> and to think i'd like to get
11:53 pm
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11:56 pm
care odyssey. so what took so long? what did he find at the end? nick joins us. nick, nice to have you join us. >> thank you so much, greta. thank you. >> okay. so your journey started october 1st to check out obama care. tell me what happened. >> well, i was able to create user name and password. after several efforts, i started the process of my application. i completed the application and then it was time to verify my identity. unfortunately, i got stuck. so i was not able to verify my identity online, so my next step was try and call the 800 number displayed on the website to do a manual verification. it ended up being experian. i was able to reach them the next day. i verified my identity. they confirmed to me that everything was fine. i asked them about the next steps and they simply said, well
11:57 pm
the marketplace will have updated with the new information and you should be ready to go. well, that was not the end. the marketplace did not update itself. and my identity was still not verified in the marketplace. and then i started thinking, okay, what would the next step be? so what i tried to do is tried to call the help desk and say, i went throughex-peer yan, i identified my identity and the system thinks i have not identified my identity. what should i do? the question from the health desk was simple. i'm going to escalate your issue and you should be getting a call back within the next two business days. guess what? we're about 50 days out, 55 days out. i'm still waiting to receive a call. >> all right. so i take it you're not a big fan of the website. is that pretty safe to say?
11:58 pm
>> it is -- you know, for the past, you know, 18 years, my profession is i.t., so i've been deploying systems across the globe. complex systems. so soon thereafter what i decided to do is start, if you like, keeping a log of every move that i did within the website. trying to create a new user, trying to stop the application and so an and so forth. that took, if you like, a month long. i was able at the end of -- >> let me ask about costs. what's the story on costs? >> well, i was able to see the costs, greta, finally on the 31st of october. and when i saw the cost, it was a little bit of a surprise. now, the reason i'm saying is it was a little bit of a surprise was that it was higher what i
11:59 pm
was paying outside the marketplace. >> so you're better off with what you had than the obama care. thank you. good luck. i hope things turn around a little bit with you on this. good luck, sir. >> thank you so much. thank you. and 50 years after the assassination of president kennedy, a fox news special takes viewers to the last hour of jfk's life and examines the investigation after his death. >> november 22nd, 1963. the day begins with an excited welcome for president kennedy outside his ft. worth, texas, hotel. in nearby dallas, oswald is going to work with a hidden rifle. he kept it in ruth and michael payne's garage. >> the blanket looked like camping equipment. i think it never occurred to michael there might be a gun. >> it is 8:45 central time. in less than four hours, president kennedy will be dead. >> tune in tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. eastern for bill hemmer
12:00 am
hosting fox news reports "50 years of questions: the jfk assassination." thank you for being with us tonight. see you again monday night, right here 7:00 p.m. eastern. hello. welcome to "red eye."to tonight, death, murder and kitten videos. >> tonight on "red eye."eye. why did a deranged family of mier cats take two young brothers hostage? the behind the scenes look inside their daring escape. plus, is president obamace secretly planing to have his face added to mount rushmore? >> there is no reason why we can't get this done before the end of the >> and is the government building a secret weapon that can control the weather? and when will it be fully operational? >> there is no reason we can't get this done before the end of the year. >> none of these stories on "red eye." tonight. >> it is a shame. let's welcome our guests.s we i am here with the great diane macedo.


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